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How to have a better 2022?

For one…

Just do it.

Like many things in life, probably the hardest thing to do is just to get started. Get started with a routine, get started writing.

And blogging is no different. In fact, it may even be harder. Many of you will agree. With pressures of trying to impress an audience (or, in many of our cases, grow one!) and keeping up with daily errands, day jobs, personal struggles, or pandemic life, it can be extremely difficult to just sit down and pen thoughts to paper screen. Not to mention just how incredibly quick 2021 passed us.

For me, it’s been extremely tough. I hit a nice stride there mid-2021 but immediately fell off. Thankfully, that’s been due to successfully getting into the world of bartending as well as getting a promotion in my day job that has demanded more of my attention. I also fell into the pressures of

Who would read this?

My content really isn’t that interesting…

What’s the point of all this?

Take note: fear is paralyzing.

I’ve lost touch with why I started this blog in the first place. To force myself to new experiences. To document how I felt, how I grew, how my perspective of the world changed with those experiences. To share all of these things in case, someday and somewhere, someone comes along that needed to read it. That is to say, I’ve forgotten that my blog was a way for me to share my thoughts and not to please everyone with my thoughts.

So. I resolve in 2022 that I will just do it. I will just write. I will experience, feel, think, and write. I will make no revisions. I will save no drafts.

…Okay, I will still proofread…

Hope you enjoy it. If not, at least I did.

[6min:32s stream of consciousness]

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