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Electrical engineer, computer engineer, technical writer, information developer, blogger, and more coming...


Hi, I'm Bart!

Whether you are here by accident, here because you hate your job, here because you are looking for motivation or experiences, or here because you are naturally curious about the world like me, the first thing I'd like to say is welcome and thank you for visiting this blog! I hope you find something that suits your interests here.

As above suggests, I've held a multitude of positions at several companies as an electrical engineer, computer engineer, technical writer, information developer, intelligence officer, and even volunteer/outreach coordinator. I've never been one to stick to a single activity. I'm always looking for new challenges and always asking myself "What job should I do? What job makes me happy? What job gives me satisfaction?". But I never thought that these experiences would have opened my eyes to so many cultures and people. More than I could have ever dreamed of.

By 2019, I had traveled the world multiple times. I had spent 5 years with my company, had gone through a series of promotions, and frankly was pretty comfortable in life. But I kept thinking about what else might be in store for me. And during a month-long sabbatical, the idea occurred -- why stop there? What if I could try out a new job every year, and share my experiences -- both good and bad -- with an audience that may be curious about the same things? 

Let's see where this takes us! 

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