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Bartending is so cool

At least I think it is?

In 2020 and a good portion of 2021, I focused on honing my skills as a writer and establishing my freelance writing business. I had quite a bit of success which you can read about in the Freelance Writer portion of this publication. I wrote for job boards, I wrote for direct clients, and I wrote for friends and family.

I plan to continue that business here and there, but for the rest of this year, I’m venturing out to do something that, in my view, has probably got to be one of the most fun and fulfilling jobs out there — Bartending!

I mean, as a bartender, you get to:

  • Be out in the city while working

  • Meet all kinds of people

  • Learn about all kinds of perspectives

  • Be the one to cheer up or invigorate someone if even for a small, passing interaction

Before all the bartenders out there ridicule me…

I’m well aware that there are significant challenges in the hospitality industry — especially when interacting with dru… inebriated customers.

To me, that’s part of the thrill of the journey, right? To learn about the demands and the rewards of being a bartender or any other job for that matter. After all, everything and everyone has their challenges. The more we learn about each of those, the greater our emotional intelligence and the more rewarding our lives can be.

I’m excited to start. Off to class!

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